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As a Supporter, you can get exclusive access to “The Ultimate TAP Podcast Feed”, a massive Peach vault containing 12 years of shows: that’s over 360 podcasts (and growing), including:

  • Every main show, from Series 1 into the future (non-Supporters can only access Series 10+11)
  • Every TAPAS podcast (NEVER released to the general public)
  • All Mini, Live and Aftertaste podcasts


  • Early access to every new show, before they’re made available to anyone else.
  • Membership to our private group, containing over 60 videos, of everything from The Absolute Trek, The CretOlympics and The Absolute Meet to behind-the-scenes clips & pre-shows
  • Hidden YouTube videos, including full-length show recordings and the ‘Ask a Cret’ series
  • “Music of The Peach” – a digital album of our comedy jingles and mashups
  • Access to our Discord chat server, with special roles available to Supporters
  • Our private Patreon news feed
  • Our exclusive Supporters Facebook group

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