The Absolute Peach: Now, Quite Literally “On Air”

August 7, 2011 by Ben in TAP News

For three agonising months, Joe and I have been sitting on an incredible piece of news, waiting for the right time to announce it. Many a podcast has been recorded where we wanted to spill the beans but felt it best to wait until now to break the silence.

Finally that time has come, and as you may have guessed by the new banner that adorns the top of our website, we’re now very proud and more than a little excited to be working with none other than British Airways, one of (if not the) biggest airlines in the entire world!

Now, you might well ask yourself: “What role would a comedy podcast have on an aircraft?” Well, you’ll no doubt be relieved to hear that we’re nowhere near the controls, and instead, we’re doing what we do best: making the funny, and entertaining passengers as part of BA’s in-flight entertainment.

We’ve put together a set of special podcasts as part of the “Pick Of The Comedy Podcasts” compiled by Pixiu Productions, representing the best in British comedy podcasts, alongside such shows as Comedy Central’s “Utter Shambles” and Mitch Benn’s Musical Podcast.

As of Monday 1st August 2011, you can now hear The Absolute Peach on all BA long-haul flights, so if you’re taking a trip with BA soon, listen out for us!

One final thing – if you’re new to The Absolute Peach, and especially if you heard us for the first time on a BA flight, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to email us and say hello, tweet us or join our Facebook page.

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