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TAP Series 9 Episode 6: Fish & Futures

A long day at work leaves Ben feeling a little strange, and it isn’t long before the show takes a turn to the weird. Ben teaches Joe about how fish breathe and talks about a new movie he saw recently, and Joe shares how he met a talking moose.

TAP Series 9 Episode 5: Name & Shame

Joe shows up to the studio dressed up all fancy, and Ben teases him for it. We talk about the importance of listening, and Ben shares a recent experience in an Indian restaurant.

TAP Series 8 Episode 20: Birthdays & Bedwear

The final episode of the series has come around, and it seemed only right to revisit an old favourite segment. It’s also a significant birthday for Joe. He didn’t want to celebrate it, so naturally, Ben appealed to the fans to send in some birthday wishes to mark the occasion.

TAP Series 8 Episode 19: Rock & Rhetoric

Ben arrives all fired up after a rock gig and is armed with angry stories about the people he found there. It’s an energised show, and as always, there’s plenty of humour to help the vitriol go down.

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