Category: Series 8

TAP Series 8 Episode 20: Birthdays & Bedwear

The final episode of the series has come around, and it seemed only right to revisit an old favourite segment. It’s also a significant birthday for Joe. He didn’t want to celebrate it, so naturally, Ben appealed to the fans to send in some birthday wishes to mark the occasion.

TAP Series 8 Episode 19: Rock & Rhetoric

Ben arrives all fired up after a rock gig and is armed with angry stories about the people he found there. It’s an energised show, and as always, there’s plenty of humour to help the vitriol go down.

TAP Series 8 Episode 17: Sweet & Squash

Being the consummate sportsman and all-round smart guy that he is, Ben started playing squash recently and ran into a wall. Joe, meanwhile, has had a run-in on a bus, so we’re all set for some good old-fashioned ranting and raving on this week’s show.

TAP Series 8 Episode 15: Muddles & Manliness

After what might – to the uneducated – appear to be a false start, this show shifts into high gear, and, gosh darn it, just refuses to slow down. We talk about how we judge each other, Ben’s new exercise regime, what “muddling” is, and a twisted invention from the warped mind of Joe.

TAP Series 8 Episode 13: Drugs & Dog TV

Joe’s pre-show vocal warm-up sparks a debate, and he and Ben are bickering before the show even kicks off. We take a look at DOGTV, a television channel for, well, dogs, which spirals into a passionate (but hilarious) rant, as is our way. There’s a new Map of Shame, and we cover a dubious news article about squirrels that are “addicted to crack”.

TAP Series 8 Episode 12: Handshakes & High Fives

There’s nothing more awkward than a failed high-five. Or a fumbled handshake. In this show, Ben and Joe share their hilariously hideous experiences in human interaction, and discuss how we can do things better. We also hear about the latest cretin who’s making news for absolutely no good reason at all.

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