Category: Series 7

TAP Series 7 Episode 20: Pudden & Pie

It’s the final episode in the current series, and we bring the funny to your ear-bones. Joe and Ben talk about how even nursery rhymes are affected by political correctness, argue about films and do a critical analysis of a youth hostel advertisement. Not really: we rip it to shreds. Enjoy!

TAP Series 7 Episode 17: Pinches & Paddles

Cat therapy, Joe’s naked encounter and a killer chimp are just some of the topics covered in this classic episode. If you don’t laugh when you hear this show, check your pulse – you just might be dead.

TAP Series 7 Episode 16: Rhythms & Rapids

This week, Joe is revealed to be a sore loser, we talk about Ben’s trip to visit Michael in London, do a movie review in our own unique style and cover the latest song by the people who brought you Rebecca Black.

TAP Series 7 Episode 15: Falls & Fragrance

In this show, Ben shows off a device he has come into possession of which claims to be able to read minds. Joe has been watching movies about perfume, but still hasn’t seen “Up”, and we talk about the latest hopeless fool looking to cash in on their own stupidity.

TAP Series 7 Episode 14: Tron & Torment

It’s been a week of pain for Ben, and he explains why in this show. We talk about the Tron guy’s appearance on America’s Got Talent, trial a brand new segment and discuss Ben’s latest invention idea.

TAP Series 7 Episode 13: Stan & Sanders

This week, Ben & Joe meet a man named Stanley who has, let’s say, an unusual lifestyle. We also open up a gift package from the US which threatens to rot our brains and bodies, and Joe reviews Battle: Los Angeles.

TAP Series 7 Episode 12: Panic & Pool Noodles

Ben & Joe come back from a trip to the beach to bring you a show full of stories, rants and weird news. Ben tells of embarrassing events on the road, while Joe is less than satisfied with a recent trip to the zoo.

TAP Series 7 Episode 11: Good Jokes & Bad Ideas

Here at The Absolute Peach, we joke around a lot. We say a lot of things in the name of humour that some might disagree with. Like the stereotype that women, on average, aren’t funny. This week, we may just be proved wrong. We also talk about boys in skirts, there’s new Joe Cuisine, and we hear about a man who thought he had the hardest head in the world.

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