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TAP Series 6 Episode 21: Presents & Precious Things

So you thought you weren’t getting a Christmas Special this year, huh? Oh ye of little faith. Ben, Joe and Beasley gather round the Christmas tree to bring you a feature-length Peach extravaganza! We’re not going to tell you what we talk about, because that’d be like telling you what’s in the gift before you unwrap it. So download this show, shun your friends and family, plug in your headphones and enjoy. Merry Christmas!

TAP Series 6 Episode 20: Fire Drills & Finishers

Just short of four years in the business and we’ve wrapped up Series 6 – our most successful series yet. We’ve seen lots of new fans join the TAP community, added guest hosts to the fold, and sharpened our skills at broadcasting live to the millions. You might think that we’d spend this show reminiscing, but instead we talk about freeloaders, awkward moments and people who die in funny ways. See you soon!

TAP Series 6 Episode 19: Mace & Morns

It’s a chill November night, but Ben and Joe are cosy and warm in the studio. In this show, Ben shares a product idea that might just change the world. Meanwhile, Joe has taken to wearing socks on his hands.

TAP Series 6 Episode 17: Man Dates & M&M’s

There’s an awkward air in the studio this week, as Ben and Michael can’t agree on whether or not it’s gay for two male friends to go out for a curry together. Also, Ben has come up with an ingenious new way to enjoy a bath, and we read out the first hand-written letters sent to our new mailbox.

TAP Series 6 Episode 16: Lettuce & Letdowns

Every so often, a time comes when somebody is going to get called out on something. This week, it’s Joe’s turn. Michael is in the studio for the first time in a while, and can’t understand why Ben is all heated up about salad. We also try to understand Joe’s rather muddled views on children.

TAP Series 6 Episode 15: Bigots & Barbecues

Ben’s back from a week on holiday, but can’t talk about it on the show because his computer hates him. Bungle comes bearing gifts and October Christmas spirit, we delve into the very first package to be sent to the TAP Mailbox, and revisit an old topic which has sprung up again in the news: racist babies.

TAP Series 6 Episode 14: Claws & Canines

Beasley and Joe join Ben to explore such topics as inappropriately dressed children’s TV characters and ice creams for dogs. Plus, Ben and Joe recount what happened when they bumped into one another on a night out in town.

TAP Series 6 Episode 13: Tweet & Toine

Ben’s giddy with excitement at the latest development in Joe’s life. Despite everything he’s always said about hating technology, Joe has gone and bought himself a smartphone, and Ben just can’t wait to interrogate him about it. We also catch up on what our good friend Antoine Dodson has been up to since finding fame as a mad but likeable dumbass.

TAP Series 6 Episode 12: Bouncers & Breweries

In this week’s show, Joe, Beasley and Ben talk about homebrew and the awkwardness of foreign exchange programmes. Ben recounts his recent trip to Bath and Joe explains how he was thrown out of a club for standing up for his right to be served while topless.

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