Category: Series 5

TAP Series 5 Episode 20: Steaks & Songs

It’s the final show of the current series and Joe and Ben bring you an hour of classic Peach. We talk about food, movies, a man who sings about pants and a new type of job that really shouldn’t be a job at all.

TAP Series 5 Episode 19: Shuns & Showers

This show starts out on the subject of baby showers and ends up talking about the tragic impossibility of living in a fantasy world that doesn’t exist. There’s also Map of Shame and Joe Cuisine, and we try out a brand new studio drink.

TAP Series 5 Episode 18: Mini Whips & Parenting

Despite the computer hating them and refusing to cooperate, Ben and Joe are undeterred and bring you a show regardless. Topics covered include animal attacks, 3D technology and Joe’s advice on how to be “the cool uncle”.

TAP Series 5 Episode 16: Puppet Shows & Danger Bread

In our first episode of 2010, we kick things off with a little pre-show chat about a strange little puppet called Pob. What follows is a rollercoaster ride of Christmas roundups, strange dreams and an innovative new product idea.

TAP Series 5 Episode 15: Family Time & A Christmas With The Jrinch

In our special Christmas Day show, we talk (argue) about the differences in the way Ben and Joe view Christmas with the family, and Joe’s claims of an alleged Christmas present for Ben that may or may not have ever existed. There’s even a seasonal quiz, all wrapped up in a medley of Christmas wishes from our amazing fans from all around the planet. Merry Christmas!

TAP Series 5 Episode 13: Friend Shuns & Bear Puns

Ben’s been tearing his hair out preparing for his NYC trip, but still we get a show out to the masses! This week, we talk about our fancy new studio equipment, fans listening to TAP in bed and Ben explains how Gummi Bears are made. Please vote for The Absolute Peach in the Podcast Awards in the Comedy category! Voting closes November 30th, 6pm.

TAP Series 5 Episode 12: Bucks & Back Pain

Joe hobbles into the studio this week with back pain triggered by putting on a pair of socks. We talk about The Fourth Kind, hear from a product evangelist turned dance icon and cover some odd news from around the world. Plus, it’s a special day for The Absolute Peach as voting opens for the Podcast Awards 2009, in which we are nominated in the Comedy category. Vote for us today at Voting closes November 30th, 2009, 6pm.

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