Category: Series 10

Series 10 Episode 9: Bangers & Bombers

In a return to our 1-hour podcast format, this show is brimming with classic TAP moments. Ben rants about people taking photos and other people who think they rule the world. Meanwhile, Joe is fresh back from a festival even though he hates being around people.

Series 10 Episode 6: CatDogs & Bullseyes

Ben’s back from holiday in Thailand and the show is off and running once again. The boys talk about strange people on old TV shows, something called ‘Ghostriding the Whip’ and discuss whether a cat can be conjoined with a dog.

Series 10 Episode 5: Scenes & Selfies

It’s a well established fact that Ben could pretty much be a professional actor if he wanted to, and he proves it in this show. Plus, we hear about a stupid kid who was attacked by a squirrel while taking selfies.

Series 10 Episode 4: Hogs & Huawei

Ben’s mockery of Joe’s ‘alternative’ phone descends into a surreal flight of imagination, there’s the first “Cret A Manger” of the new series, and the guys get a weird email.

Series 10 Episode 2: Grills & Godzilla

Ben has been to the movies and gives his (spoiler-free) Godzilla review. Meanwhile, Joe shares an awkward story and comes under fire for allegedly avoiding Ben’s invite to a BBQ.

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