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TAP Live! 29-10-13

In another impromptu live show, Joe talks about boot camp, and Ben shares of how he was accosted by women at a bar.

TAP Live! 23-10-13

Ben steers the ship solo in a surprise live show with stories, rants and international listener calls.

TAP Live! 12: Flies & Fertility

Beasley’s back in the studio for the first time in ages, and he’s already put Ben’s nose out of joint. Despite this, Ben, Joe and Your Lord knock out a cracking live show in which we hear about the repercussions of fly swallowing, bizarre toilet encounters and why Ben’s (allegedly) “constantly buying RAM”.

TAP Live! 11: Magic Feet & Potty Pods

Our first live show of 2011! Ben has stumbled across news that an idea he created in Series 2 was possibly stolen by scientists in the US, and yet he goes on to share details of his latest innovation. Ben and Joe quiz Beasley on how he’s been spending his time, and we learn of a girl who’s taking desperate measures in a bid to gain an invitation the Royal Wedding.

TAP Live! 10: New Boys & Paper Toys

Ten live shows. Ten! Well, aren’t we all fancy and tech-savvy. We’ve got this podcasting game locked down so tight, this week we even throw in a new guest host just to see what happens, and, well, let’s just say you’d better hold your sides on tight, or something. As well as grilling our new guest Gavin, we talk about going bald, take some listener calls and unveil the next child singing sensation.

TAP Live! 09: Conkers & Courtesy

It’s the first live show in over two months, and Ben and Joe are at the helm. Ben’s not happy about a recent shopping experience, and shares a recent embarrassment in brand new Map of Shame. We also get into a discussion about pointless apologies and take some listener calls.

TAP Live! 08: Rappers & Road Trips

It’s the week before The Absolute Beach and the guys are gearing up to meet a bunch of fans down here in Bournemouth. We take your calls including listener-contributed Chav Watch and Squirrel News and Michael has stories from his trip to France. We round things off by checking out the latest loony doing the rounds on the internet.

TAP Live! 07: Caribous & Doctor Who

Despite the studio computer rising up and threatening to put an end to this week’s live show before it had even begun, Ben, Michael and Beasley battled to get things up and running and turned a potential disaster into what ended up a brilliant show with tons of listener interaction, a new Write The Peach and more banter than you can shake a Twiglet at.

TAP Live! 06: Meetups & Pants Down

It’s our first show in a while and it comes with a special announcement: the impending start of Series 6! We also talk about our recent event The Absolute Meet, where Beasley did something incredible and Joe broke all records for his most annoying behaviour yet.

TAP Live! 05: House Fires & Heroics

Michael and Beasley are back in the studio with Ben for another live show with more listener calls than you can shake a stick at. We talk about an awkward toilet moment, a heroic rescue, trial our new segment Beasley Knows Best and rumours continue to spread about Joe.

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