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TAP Series 8 Episode 09: Drunks & Deodorant

Ben went out for breakfast before the recording of this show, and came back feeling a bit odd. Joe is berated for not wearing deodorant and for trying to pass himself off as a vodka distiller. We also cover the latest world news and talk about how it feels to approach our thirties. It’s a funny show, so download it now and put it in your ears.

TAP Series 8 Episode 08: Fear & Footwear

In this show, we learn about the fun side of escalator safety, hear a factual account of a rain of apples, and wonder about the possibility of alien visitation. As always, it’s the eclectic mix of nonsense that you love.

TAP Series 8 Episode 07: Teets & Titles

Ben’s suffering but drags himself into the studio to bring you another hour of Peach fun, because, well, you’re worth it. Joe has been experimenting with brewing his own liquor and is under the delusion that he has been bestowed with an official lairdship, and Ben also recounts meeting a moronic barman in the return of our ‘Cret A Manger’ segment.

TAP Series 8 Episode 06: Pops & Nuts

It’s the first show of the year and Ben and Joe are already at each other’s throats. It’s really funny though, so, you know, all’s well that ends well. We also talk about lottery winners, ‘booty popping’ and Daily Mail readers. Download and fill an hour of your life with joy, or something.

TAP Series 8 Episode 05: Mistletoe & Folly

Oh, I wish it could be Christmas every day, when the things and the stuff and the something something play. It’s the week before Christmas, and Ben’s sick of all these festive songs. It’s not all lumps of coal and humbugs though, as Joe jumps in to defend the likes of Slade and Wizzard. We also talk about a kid who threatens to kill Santa. Merry Christmas!

TAP Series 8 Episode 04: Wack & Jack

It’s another crazy show packed with good old fashioned, rootin’, tootin’ jokes. Actually, it’s not that crazy at all, it’s just normal. Which is to say, it’s an hour of classic Peach humour in which Ben and Joe rant on the topics of cat hunts, eye surgery and old people.

TAP Series 8 Episode 03: Kandoo & Kindle

In this hilarious show, Ben and Joe launch into a strange discussion before the intro music even plays, but that’s OK, because it’s funny. Joe has bought yet more new tech, and we discuss the oddball cast of The Gadget Show, in particular the gimpy weird one (you know the one).

TAP Series 8 Episode 02: Berries & Business

In this week’s show we talk a bit about stand up comedy, specifically the people in the audience who we’d all rather weren’t there at all. We also hear about a man who found a frog in his dinner, and Ben has a hard time pitching a business idea.

TAP Series 8 Episode 01: Baby Jokes & Old Folks

Finally, the Peach has returned for a new series! Admit it, you’re excited. We kick Series 8 off with a hilarious show that’s gonna make you laugh until your face falls off. There’s also a seven-minute intro, in which we have one of the most bizarre conversations we’ve ever had on the show. It’s just how we do.

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