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The Absolute Peach is an iTunes featured and Podcast Award nominated free comedy podcast.

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Hosts Ben, Joe and their guests discuss topics from everyday life, current events, annoyances, and the online world. The show has developed its own brand of humour and listeners are let in on a myriad of inside-jokes and references. The Absolute Peach isn’t your run-of-the-mill comedy podcast. You’ll find no wacky jingles or cheesy gags. The funny comes naturally through the comedic chemistry of our hosts.

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Shows are pre-recorded and are available via free subscription, or direct download from our Shows page and a new show is released every Friday. The Absolute Peach is currently in its ninth series.

You can listen instantly to get a flavour for the show, or head to our iTunes page to check out all our recent episodes and read what other people are saying about The Absolute Peach!

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