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Series 11 Episode 12: Doom & Boon

A woman is making people crazy on the internet by suing a man who saved her unconscious self from drowning for ‘save rape’. We also discuss the future of the human race, and the upcoming Facebook Empathy button. You know, important stuff.


Series 11 Episode 11: Scraps & Fraps

Joe is accused of being a hipster for his iced coffee habit. Somehow, Ben is still surprised by the level of sheer drivel that’s being shared around Facebook, and shares of his recent run-ins with dogs.


Series 11 Episode 8: Gold & Fancy

Incapable of just answering a simple question, the guys get themselves into a right state discussing a “would you rather”. We also look at the type of people who see a stuffed toy and call the emergency services, and Joe has a new Map of Shame.

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